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Two years ago, left us Vitaly Petranyuk - actor, composer, singer one of the founders of the theater "Mirror" and director of its Cracow Branch, a loving husband, father and grandfather, a good friend, full of warm humor and optimism. He will always remain in our memory, and his songs will sound forever in our hearts and souls. Vitaly, you're gone too soon, we miss you...

Тhe theater “The Mirror” was found in 1891 in Kiev, Ukraine. The young producer Vladimir Petranyuk and his brother, the actor, the bard and composer Vitaly Petranyuk, have collected around themselves group of young enthusiasts, enamoured in a theatrical art. The theatre initially had experimental character, carried the name «Red Drum» and exposed poetic performances. In due course it has expanded the activity on streets and the areas of Kiev, and also other cities of Ukraine, taking part in the art actions organised on the occasion of various holidays.

The theatre has endured the revival in especial area which became nuclear station territory in Chernobyl. In that time the new name of theatre - “The Mirror” was created. In May 1986 the theatre has played the first-ever performance devoted to nuclear catastrophe under the title «Fiery autographs» based on real events taking place in Chernobyl, Ukraine. From 1986 to 1988 theatre “The Mirror” has made about 90 performances in a 30-kilometre zone of the Chernobyl nuclear station. Petranyuks brothers along with actors of theatre, have been awarded as “Liquidators of consequences of failure on nuclear station.” Chernobyl has generated an uncompromising position of actors of “The Mirror”.

The season of 1989 has passed under the sine of cooperation with the internationaly recognized writer Venedikt Yerofeev. With his help Vladimir Petranyuk has created the scenic version of a poem “Moscow – Cockerels” and realized it together with the brother Vitaly, which has written music and songs to this performance, at the Krakow`s theater “Bagatela” (“Trifle”), and also in Kiev at the theater “The Mirror”. “Trifle” became essential theatrical event in an artistic life of Krakow and Kiev in 1989-1990.

At the same time “The Mirror`s” creative structure devoted a lot of attention to the Ukrainian folklore. The playful musical program (“Was and has hooted”) has turned to show for almost all big holidays in Kiev’s region. This program became later a performance-cabaret basis “From Kiev to Krakow language our identical”, which theatre till today represents in Krakow.

“The Mirror” played in Cherbourge, Paris, Warsaw, London, Moscow, Novosibirsk, (Russia) but Krakow became for theater Petranjuk brothers the second native land. In 1992 a legend of Krakow - Peter Skrzynecki has invited “The Mirror” to show-cabaret “Piwnica pod Baranami” (“the Cellar under Rams”) where they have played Vladimir Petranyuk`s performance “My poor Fuhrer” and as entertained public on the area of the Main Market and in streets of Krakow.

In 1993 Teresa Adamczyk the owner of the local café-gallery “Ariel” Krakow’s Kazimir area near main city market. She first seeing “The Mirror” and made an offer for permanent job. Tereas was made huge and unbelievable efforts to get permanent status for all “The Mirror” members to live and work in Poland. In 2001 permanent status was granted. Working in “Ariel” theater had the capability of creative development it created shows-cabaret such “From Kiev to Krakow our language is identical” using Ukrainian, Lvov’s and skirts songs. Another musicale name “Oh! Odessa!” was created using the Klezmer music and the songs “for Odessa”. Not only from Poland but the guests from around the world are visiting Krakow especially to see the “The Mirror”.

Already 18 years theater alive and create on the Polish soil. Collaboration with the outstanding Polish representatives of the art such as Peter Skrzynecki, Jerzy Hoffman, Kazimierz Cutz, Martha Meszaros, Krzysztof Zanussi, Jan Nowicki, Krzysztof Jasinski, Justina Steczkowska, Andrzej Roszewicz. The programs on Polish TV, nine CDs, establishing of their own recording studio «The Mirror Recording Studio» - it was a creation operating time for theater and this is what was built in recent eighteen years. “The Mirror” was entered in the artistic picture of Krakow city where it participates in the Royal Old Palace celebrations, and also in entire Poland and beyond.

In 2003. theater enlarged its activity to two states Poland and Ukraine. Vladimir Petranyuk returned to Kiev, Ukraine and leads the theater of Ukrainian Tradition “The Mirror”, which is today State theater. Vitaliy Petranyuk - director of Ukrainian musical theater “The Mirror” located in Krakow, Poland.